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Ref: 1013468
Asking Price R1,495,000
Residential - Active Sale

Apartment: If position, tranquility, privacy and tight security is your priority.

Ref: 1013217
Asking Price R8,950,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: New Release ! Inspired by stylish country homes in the Cote d'Azure, interesting natural stone towers with turret ...

Ref: 1013126
Asking Price R1,590,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Offers from R1 390 000. Happy, hearty and homely, this pristinely presented stunner ideal for couples and small ...

Ref: 1013055
Asking Price R2,650,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Connoisseurs of fine homes.

Ref: 1012901
Asking Price R8,800,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: The prettiest home forever and ever. The sellers have relocated and want an offer today.

Ref: 1006621
Asking Price R5,500,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Welcome Home "Purple Door - I love my home!"

Ref: 1006653
Asking Price R14,000,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Circa 1906. "Terrace Villa" - Victorian Eclecticism in secure Parktown.

Ref: 1011560
Asking Price R850,000
Residential - Active Sale


Ref: 1010873
Asking Price R2,200,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: A fresh approach to a traditional theme, beautiful music can be heard in this architectural symphony of comfort living ...

Ref: 1009365
Asking Price R3,500,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Large 4 bedroom home for the Sport-loving family on a slightly sloped stand in a very quite position with tennis court, ...

Ref: 1009098
Asking Price R5,000,000
Residential - Active Sale


Ref: 1008946
Asking Price R5,000,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Bassonia Estate’s Finest

Ref: 1005861
Asking Price R1,600,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: A sophisticated symphony of colour, light and space! Perfect for the family that entertains.

Ref: 1004289
Asking Price R2,950,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Well-loved modern family home with an artful touch of retro.

Ref: 1004278
Asking Price R4,500,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Modern Farmhouse Style Living, on a big stand in Northcliff. Whatch the sunrise from the covered balcony with the City ...

Ref: 1003987
Asking Price R5,650,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Offers from R5 350 000. Absolutely ingenious and imaginative use of space has resulted in a generous home for the small ...

Ref: 1001004
Asking Price R1,550,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Offers from R1 350 000. An eclectic renovation; for the entertainer that loves the sun, in-outdoor living and a ...

Ref: 998806
Asking Price R8,000,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Ambassadorial charm. Eclectic & eccentric.

Ref: 998563
Asking Price R3,400,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Views of Africa. This large ultra modern N/F double storey family home offers peace, tranquility and stunning views ...

Ref: 997042
Asking Price R5,500,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: From R5.5m ALL INCLUSIVE. Great price.’32 on 8th’ The perfect address in the best location. 7 magnificent off-plan ...

Ref: 996876
Asking Price R7,200,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: From R6.5 million. This immaculate, very well maintained, tidy and pristine home can be moved into immediately.

Ref: 996545
Asking Price R2,595,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Say hello to a good buy.

Ref: 995803
Asking Price R1,790,000
Residential - Transferred | On Show

House: Offers from R1 590 000. If uniqueness is what defines Westdene, this would be the pinnacle.

Ref: 995748
Asking Price R5,800,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: All the home you need. A family treasure.

Ref: 995575
Asking Price R5,000,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: A Home with the feel of Cluster-living, but the freedom of a free-standing property. Exceptional views of the ...

Ref: 995504
Asking Price R14,000,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: Set in the most prestigious pocket of Northcliff and in a short boomed street to crown it is this brand new ...

Ref: 995471
Asking Price R4,050,000
Residential - Active Sale

House: This 6 bedroom double storey home offers loads of space for a big family with great potential income from 2 very well ...

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Situated amongst the many natural hills in the South of Johannesburg, residential property in Winchester Hills offers residents a true ‘melting pot' of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. With its mountain-top views and beautiful, rolling hills, Winchester Hills is a vibrant, exciting residential suburb. And those who have bought property in Winchester Hills love the co-existence of all residents in this model of positive, modern South African society. Conveniently located in the South of Johannesburg
The Attraction Of Property In Winchester Hills
While the property for sale in Winchester Hills ...
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